3 Pumpkin Designs jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Each piece is lovingly assembled, strung, and/or knotted using only the finest gemstones, crystals and metal findings, including pewter and silver and gold-filled.
Maki is the head designer/creator behind 3 Pumpkin Designs. She believes in the power behind wearing a piece of jewelry and the motivation, inspiration and encouragement that can come with it. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children (her pumpkins) and loves to spend time with her kids, her husband, Rob and her adopted fur baby, Kuma. Aside from designing jewelry, she is an avid Crossfitter and loves cycling, cooking, travelling and listening to John Mayer and Kacey Musgraves.


As a child, Maki watched her mother, Kyoko, as she lovingly cared for her busy family, which included a University Professor husband, 4 kids and a dog. Through it all, Kyoko always managed to stay in touch with her creative side whether it was through sewing, cooking, Ikebana and her biggest passion, working with clay. Kyoko passed away a few years ago but her ability to balance motherhood and feeding the creative flame is what is at the heart of 3 Pumpkin Designs.

Maki believes that everyone has a story and that your jewelry should reflect that. She uses a variety of beads, techniques and metals to design jewelry that is meaningful and reminiscent of what we cherish most. She is inspired by style, color, texture and movement and loves to create pieces that are multi-functional and can be worn in many ways. Her “Versa-style” Collection features 4-in-1 necklaces that can be worn 4 different ways.

Jewelry tells a story without even a single word – a nonverbal communication of style.” Michael Rosy West